"I believe in interdisciplinary management. If I was an ESSEC student, the first course I would follow would be the seminar Comprendre et Changer le Monde"

Vincenzo Esposito Vinzi - Dean and President of the Group ESSEC


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Journee de formation Essec avec des officiers de l'ecole militaire de Saint Cyr

"There were several dimensions to the two-week Understand and Change the World seminar,’ states Nicolas. ‘Firstly, days spent in class with our tutors and guest experts to identify the problems and issues relevant to our theme and then search for appropriate solutions. A second dimension was working alone in our project teams – observing behaviours and carrying out surveys among the ESSEC community. This was how we discovered that our waste management solution had to be intuitive – something that led us to think of actually building a physical prototype. And the last dimension featured conference-debates with a kick-off speech by Prof. Stefan Gröschl followed by leading industry experts such as the CSR Director of Total and the HRD of the UNO. The whole experience was beneficial in that we got to hear and speak to a wide variety and levels of practitioners and experts.’ Aware of the move towards responsible leadership in business education, Nicolas identified with the principle objectives of the Understand and Change the World seminar – put a different perspective on business and profit. ‘We have more than one role in our future jobs as managers and leaders,’ asserts Nicolas Tuvi. ‘Towards generating profit, of course, but also that of bringing benefit to internal stakeholders and that of the community, planet and the common good."

From the article INNOVATION IN EDUCATION: FAR FROM A WASTE OF TIME published on the Council on Business & Society