Comprendre & Changer le Monde

Since 2014

The Annual ESSEC Seminar to Inspire and Empower the Sustainable Leaders of Tomorrow

Our world has become increasingly uncertain and complex. We face socio-economic and environmental challenges at a global scale.

The leaders of tomorrow need to understand these challenges and their complex nature. They need to build the skills and competencies to respond to these new challenges. They need to develop the courage to step up and face our uncertain future

For these reasons, ESSEC created in 2014 Comprendre & Changer le Monde, a Seminar addressed every year to +420 pre-master ESSEC students.

The unique objectives of the seminar are:

+420 ESSEC Students

5-10 Keynote Speakers

13 ESSEC Professors

10 Days of Seminar

How is the seminar structured?

The ESSEC students, divided in 13 groups, work for 10 days on a major socio-economic or environmental challenge. 

They are supported and coached by an ESSEC professor and in the process they develop unique recommendations and propositions. They also follow specific workshops organized by ESSEC Knowledge Lab.

During the whole seminar Keynote Speakers from the private and the public sector inspire and challenge the leaders of tomorrow to successfully take action.

Seminar presentation and evolution by Stefan Gröschl,  Professor at ESSEC and academic coordinator of Comprendre et Changer le Monde